Ensuring Accurate, Safe, Reliable Vehicle Tuning


Tuning Warning

Please be advised that the tuning market is unregulated and as such there have been many companies on the market moonlighting as tuners. Many of these individuals have had no experience in the automotive industry. These companies are purchasing sub-par tuning files that have been made overseas for as little as $50 a tune file, and little to no investment into diagnostic and testing equipment, which is why they are offering tunes vastly cheaper than other companies.

A vehicle tuned incorrectly can result in tens of thousands of dollars in engine damage. So when looking around to get your vehicle tuned, ask the right questions:

Who develops your tunes?

Do you use a dyno?
(Dyno tuning is the only way to safely and accurately tune a car, if they say you don’t need a dyno to develop a tune, be concerned)

Do you warranty your tuning service?

Do you have third party insurance if anything goes wrong?

Can I come see your facilities before committing to a tune?
(Some companies do offer mobile tuning which can be safe providing they are using genuine, dyno developed files and have supporting facility in NZ if issues arise.)

Our vision

Our Vision

The New Zealand Vehicle Tuning Association's vision is focused on protecting consumers from misinformtaion in the tuning market, to ensure customers are getting fair value, accurate, and safe vehicle tuning by professionals with the required tools and experience.



Our Promise

If you are a vehicle tuning customer of one of our association members, you can expect to receive the highest level of professionalism.

Our association members are required to follow a strict set of standards, and promise their customers to provide exceptional service, work ethically, and stand by their work.