Industry regulation to protect consumers

The New Zealand Tuning Association, founded by a group of established vehicle tuning companies who understand the industry, and what is required to develop and provide vehicle tuning services to the New Zealand public. 

With automotive workshop member programs such as MTA and Super Shoppe focusing on the automotive servicing and maintenance industry, the vehicle tuning industry being niche is generally unregulated.

The NZVTA is an association, so rules and regulations are created and set by its members. Most of the rules focus around tool and equipment requirements, tuning knowledge and training expectations. Additionally all members are expected to follow basic guidelines on what it expects is members to provide to its customers.

Information relating to its members that is deemed important to consumers is available on this website for the public to view. 


How to become a member

The NZVTA's reason for being, is to protect consumers. To become a member, tuners are required to go through a 3 step process.

  • Step 1 requires the tuner to fill out our online application which relates to the tuning tools, diagnostic equipment and tuning experience (plus any official tuning and/or mechanical certifications)

  • Step 2 is a follow up with the potential member and are required if requested to supply supporting documents relating to information that was requested in the membership application, plus any additional questions the NZVTA deems important to the application.
  • Step 3, the membership application plus supporting documents is sent to all associations members who will then vote on the membership application to ensure an unbiased view on the members application.